3D Printing in Mass Production: IKEA Announces the Upcoming Release of Its Unique 3D Printed Collection

From Sarah Saunders at 3DPrint.com:

“I’m always a little wary about going to IKEA, because I know I’ll end up buying something I absolutely do not need. But I usually risk it anyway, because I really enjoy the experience of walking through that massive store maze, surrounded by beautifully furnished room setups and checking out all of the random clearance items at the end. 3D printing technology is being used more often in furnishings and home decor, and IKEA itself even featured a 3D knitted chair in its PS 2017 collection. However, the collection, which features experimental designs, is only periodic. But now, IKEA is introducing its first mass produced 3D printed home objects.

IKEA announced that it will be releasing the unique OMEDELBAR collection next year, in collaboration with stylist Bea Åkerlund. Jakub Pawlak, with Trader Free Range IKEA Poland, is in charge of the groundbreaking project.”

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