3D Printing set to revolutionize the automotive production and aftermarket with customized parts

The application scope of 3-D printing technology is currently restricted to the production of extremely low volume parts and production tooling. This is mainly due to the high costs of the machinery and raw materials, slow printing speeds and reduced levels of software optimization. Therefore, with a drop in material and machine prices, advanced software integration and faster printing, 3-D printing could potentially revolutionize automotive production, supply chain and the aftermarket.

New analysis from Frost & Sullivan, Executive Analysis of 3-D Printing in the Automotive Industry [] (http://frost.ly/018 [http://frost.ly/018]), finds that the technology will generate $4.3 billion from the automotive industry by 2025 and achieve deeper penetration in automotive production and the aftermarket. As a result, 3D printing could offer substantial savings to manufacturers, suppliers and even consumers.

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