3D printing shaping the future of medical care

3D printing (additive manufacturing) is revolutionizing the very concept of manufacturing across just about every industry. But some of the most mind-blowing advances are taking place in the medical world.

How Is 3D Printing Used in Health Care?

Perhaps the least surprising – but most practical – use of 3D printers in the medical profession is the printing of medical equipment and instrumentation. Aid groups in Haiti, for example, have printed umbilical cord clamps and other medical devices to make up for supply shortages and affordability issues. Other instruments might include guides to assist with the proper surgical placement of a device.

3D Printed Heart

3D-printed implants have the potential to replace damaged or worn body parts as easily as a mechanic replaces the parts of a vehicle’s engine. Already, plastic or titanium implants such as cranial plates or hip joints are being printed and put to use.

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