3YOURMIND and DPD collaborate to simplify supply chain

3D printing service portal 3YOURMIND have announced a partnership with Dynamic Parcel Distribution in a bid to simplify the overall supply chain.

The collaboration is the latest of a trend in which logistic companies are integrating 3D printing into their everyday operations. As additive manufacturing has matured, its uses have expanded to the production floor. The software and hardware combinations make it possible to design a product and 3D print in a variety of materials with high resolution.

In terms of cost, additive manufacturing has already dropped below traditional production methods at low volume outputs. A shift that looks likely to continue.

As more businesses and individuals now own 3D printers, the transfer of goods is beginning to take place more in the digital space and less in the physical, meaning logistics companies need to alter the way they do business. DPD will leverage their wide-ranging delivery services to help 3YOURMIND meet the needs of customers, but both companies share a vision of 3D printing as a mobile service as well.

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