5 sectors that have the most to gain from 3D printing

5 Sectors That Have the Most to Gain From 3D Printing3D printing leads the way toward a more innovative future. Here are some areas of life that are seeing a lot more benefit from 3D printers than others.

Recently, a company in San Francisco announced it could 3D print an entire house in just 24 hours. The startup called Apis Cor used a mobile 3D printer to build a 400-square-foot house in the middle of a Russian town. While 3D printing isn’t necessarily a new invention, the developments of additive manufacturing continue to wow us and show a future that may be more efficient. It could even be able to solve large-scale problems. So where are some of the areas that 3D printing can provide innovation? Here are five of the biggest sectors that have the most to gain from 3D printing.

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