Additive Manufacturing: New global standards introduced

In a progressive move for additive manufacturing, a new framework for industry standards has been announced. Two international standard-setting bodies, ISO and ASTA, jointly developed the Additive Manufacturing Standards Development Structure. The new framework received approval in July during a meeting in Tokyo, with the news filtering through recently that the guidelines have been set.


The implementation of these new technical standards represents a key turning point for the industry. As increasing numbers of businesses start to utilize 3d-printed components, having a technical framework in place is essential for the development of  additive manufacturing technology. Furthermore having this structure in place ensures companies won’t waste valuable resources such as time, wallowing in confusion about the best way to do something. Now, they can simply consult the new framework for the right answers.


As a result of this news, one might ponder whether a reduction in innovation is an inevitability. Companies can now consult the technical standards for every little issue. Previously unheard of developments often arise spontaneously when people try to solve problems.And this is true for every technology. But both ISO and ASTM made a joint effort to clarify this is not their intention.

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