Developing 3D printing standards? There’s an ISO-ASTM Framework for that

The lack of standards for 3D printing is often cited as a key reason for businesses to not pursue the technology.  Things are changing!

3d-printingAdditive manufacturing or 3D printing is taking off with organizations ranging from NASA to medical device makers and automakers using this technology to reduce waste and streamline supply chain efficiencies. In the automotive industry alone additive manufacturing will be worth $1.1 billion by 2019, according to a market research study.

As more large companies turn to 3D printed parts, there’s an increasing need for technical standards. To this end, ISO and ASTM International have jointly developed the Additive Manufacturing Standards Development Structure.

The two organizations say the framework will help guide industry experts and standards development organizations. It will also identify standards-related gaps and needs in the additive manufacturing industry, and prevent duplicate efforts in developing additive manufacturing standards.

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