Disruptive technologies in Supply Chain

In an article in CIO Review, Professor Nick Vyas, Executive Director and Co-Founder of USC Marshall’s Center for Global Supply Chain Management, looks at what technologies are disrupting supply chains – naturally including 3D printing!


3D: Cutting Out the Middleman

The key advantage of 3D printing is speed.  With on-demand manufacturing supply chains become (sic) less complex, materials and components are supplied, as needed, eliminating the need for excess inventory and significantly reducing related costs.  Given myriad fo advantages, various industries ranging from fashion to automotive are using 3D printing to create products on demand.

For example, the use of 3D printing by California-based aerospace company SpaceX led to the construction of the emergency escape rockets on its new manned Dragon spacecraft.  SpaceX developed materials, quickly and efficiently, that can withstand the demands of space travel.  The lead-time reduction has reduced cost and enabled SpaceX to outstrip NASA in winning contracts for space station supply chain.


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