Encryption platforms for 3D printers prevent intellectual property losses

Danish 3D printing research company Create it REAL has developed a new platform for 3D printers with a focus on IP protection. The platform allows users to 3D print files without actually having access to the original 3D file. The process is enabled by directly decrypting the file onboard the printer using the Create it REAL processing chip.

Create it REAL previously developed the RTP real-time processor in 2013 which claims to increase the speed of FDM and SLA 3D printing. Since then, the company has worked on various other solutions based around this technology, such as software that can prevent the 3D printing of firearms and also developed software to preview prints in augmented reality.

The encryption and decryption process. Image via Create it REAL. Currently, Create it REAL has produced a number of prototypes which it intends to use in large-scale pilot programs before full release by the end of this year.

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