How 3D printing can alter the supply chain

A good post from Clint Reiser.

I woke up on Sunday morning, made some coffee, and then logged on to and conveniently made a purchase from my couch. This simple set of two common daily tasks got me thinking about additive manufacturing (3D printing) and its potential to transform both current business models and their supply chains.

My colleague Steve Banker has written on Logistics Viewpoints about 3D printing, its use for additive manufacturing and potential impact on logistics, and ways in which it can be used in the spare parts warehouse. Also, my colleague Sal Spada is an expert on the technical aspects of additive manufacturing and its feasibility for the production of various parts. I am intrigued by the competitive advantages that the technology can provide, the potential business model/s surrounding its use, and how that will affect supply chains. In essence, the potential changes in the competitive space and in value chains from the use of the technology.

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