HP, Deloitte aim to establish industrial-scale 3D printing

HP have been threatening to change the dynamics of the 3D printing market following their announcement a few years back that this was a space they were interested in.  The reality, however, hasn’t lived up to the hype – yet.  By working more closely with Deloitte Consulting, a leading firm helping companies with operational challenges, they may have taken the first step to changing their role, though.  However, how Deloitte balances its value-adding services while retaining its independence, something that the major consultancies pride themselves on, remains to be seen.

HP hopes its 3D-printing technology will help overhaul the global manufacturing sector in coming years under a newly announced agreement with Deloitte.

The partnership, unveiled Thursday by the Silicon Valley tech stalwart and global consulting giant, aims to implement 3D printers that can effectively replace injection molding in large-scale industrial processes.

3D printing for decades helped companies develop new prototypes, but officials from HP and Deloitte suggested that recent advances in the technology would prompt manufacturers to embrace it for their production operations — perhaps in as little as five years’ time.

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