IN(3D)USTRY 2017 Report: Major 3D printing figures recognize achievements and look ahead

This year’s IN(3D)USTRY expo in Barcelona, one of the world’s largest 3D printing conferences, had a schedule that was even more packed than that of the inaugural event in 2016. IN(3D)USTRY had invited speakers and exhibitors from every tier of the 3D printing eco-system, and the big hitters from the likes of Sony and Airbus rubbed shoulders with 3D printing start-ups, pioneering designers, and representatives of local technology initiatives.

To make this mouth-watering additive manufacturing smorgasbord a little easier to digest, the event was organized roughly into three parts, with each day focused on a particular industrial sector.

Day one of the conference was dedicated to two of the most high-profile and successful recent adopters of 3D printing technology, the Automotive and Aerospace industries. Along with the talks from SEAT, Renault, FCA, the European Space Agency, and other major players, there were also ample opportunities to get up close and personal with some of the 3D printing companies responsible for the recent additive manufacturing revolution in the aerospace and automotive sectors.

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