Is 3D printing going to replace injection molding?

Carbon-3D-printing-models-MD3D printing and injection molding each have their own benefits and limitations when it comes to making medical device parts, according to experts from PTI Engineered PlasticsCarbonand Protolabs

Medical device parts makers are increasingly turning to 3D printing, but additive manufacturing has yet to reach the tipping point where it could supplant injection molding in medtech parts manufacturing, according to a March 8 experts panel at the AD&M Cleveland show in March.

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  1. For mass production of a single design, definitely injection moulding(IM) is the best. While for the customised design course IM is not needed. When it comes to health care Customised design becomes inevitable. While, in rest of the field if we use IM, business, versatile design, customer friendly materials sale will be on the rise.

    • Thanks for the comment, Dr Lakshmi. You are very correct about mass production, although 3DP is now increasingly used to produce the moulds themselves as its cheaper and easier to use, and you can add internal features and cooling channels that traditional techniques won’t allow for. I agree that healthcare, both dental and medical, will continue to be one of the biggest adopters of 3DP given what the technologies bring in cost, time and design flexibility. If there is one sector where personalisation is a highly desirable quality to have, healthcare is it!

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