LINK3D announces first integration of blockchain technology for 3D printing


At RAPID + TCT last week, additive manufacturing (AM) software solutions company, LINK3D announced the first ever integration of blockchain technology for AM in its flagship SaaS product, Digital Factory.

Building on the need for a traceable digital thread throughout the full AM workflow, LINK3D says the need for file integrity and traceability is a priority for AM processes. The integration will offer data governance, provenance, auditability and validation through a range of applications including:

  1. File integration, IP integrity, DRM: Blockchain technology can be used to track origination of each design file and its evolution.
  2. Facility matching / authentication: Service Bureau capability can be stored on Blockchain and orders can be pre-verified.
  3. Supply chain and logistics tracking: Once the part is shipped, the package can be tracked to ensure that it is opened by the correct parties.
  4. Real-time data from machines: Logs from machine can be stored in an immutable way for forensics during recalls and for traceability.

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