Len regularly provides valuable and pragmatic insights as a writer in the fields of supply chain, digital transformation and project management, bringing to bear his wealth of experience and in-depth industry knowledge.   His expertise combines visionary thinking with practical implementation strategies, ensuring that his insights are not only inspiring but also actionable.

As a renowned and sought-after thought leader, Len’s strength lies in his ability to break down complex concepts and present them in a clear and accessible manner.  He goes beyond theoretical frameworks, offering practical recommendations that organizations can readily apply to drive tangible results.

As well as bring a published book author, Len has written several articles for online and traditional media.  Len is also a highly experienced, media-trained interviewee and commentator for radio, TV, podcasts and fireside chats.

Len Pannett



Supercharg3d: How 3D Printing Will Drive Your Supply Chain

Every day sees a new application of 3D printing, whether it is as an aid to prototyping or as a part of the process to make a finished product.  Beyond its latest capabilities, the technology offers companies ways to completely transform their supply chains, beyond simply how its products are designed or made.  Supercharg3d: How 3D Printing Will Drive Your Supply Chain goes beyond a narrative of the latest technical advances and asks how supply chains will be affected.

By reading this book, operations and supply chain decision makers and managers in manufacturing, engineering and technology companies will discover how to use 3D printing to drive value in the supply chain.  You will learn:

  • What 3D printing is, and what it will and won’t do
  • What impacts are of 3D printing on the individual SCOR® elements of the supply chain
  • What the new, transformative supply chains models are that 3D printing enables
  • What the wider, critical implications of using 3D printing in the supply chain are
  • How to know when to adopt 3D printing in your business, and how to go about doing so

Essential reading for anyone interested in 3D printing and supply chain management

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Getting it done

Getting It Done

If you work hard to “Getting It Done”, this book is for you.

In this collection of articles from the Project Management Institute’s award-winning PM Network magazine, practitioners from around the world share how they get things done—and how they take their careers to where they want to go. Their advice does not just center on the technical aspects of project management.

The articles also cover leadership issues as well as strategic and business management—all three legs of the PMI Talent Triangle, a symbol for what employers are looking for when hiring project management talent. Within this book you will find inspiring stories that vividly demonstrate the value of your profession.

If you are considering project management as a career, the close-up looks at the types of challenges project managers face every day will give you new perspectives.

Great experiences by real managers with inspiring stories from real life.

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