Using Additive Manufacturing in Supply Chains

Additive manufacturing paves the way for a new era of agile and efficient supply chain ecosystems.

Supply chains increasingly face three pressures at the same time: to maximise cost efficiency, be resilient and increase their sustainability.  Used judiciously, additive manufacturing – also known colloquially as 3D printing – is proven to achieve all three simultaneously.  

For over a decade, Len Pannett has been the international authority on the application of additive manufacturing in supply chains.  By bringing together his deep expertise in supply chain management, engineering and transformation, Len helps organisations throughout their supply chain’s AM journey, from making the business case to incorporating it within the operational model.

While being a passionate advocate for AM, Len employs a measure, systemic approach to its use, one that considers whether AM is the correct option, how to implement it and how to manage the many, wider issues that AM throws up.

Len’s authoritative bestselling book, Supercharg3d: How 3D Printing Will Drive Your Supply Chain is recommended by Business School and Supply Chain Masters Courses worldwide, and he is a regular speaker on this topic at international conference and events.

Using AM in Supply Chains
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Using AM in Supply Chains

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