Len knows the power of well-designed and delivered workshops to drive positive change: by providing a platform for teams to enhance their skills, develop new strategies, and embrace innovative thinking, workshops empower individuals and organizations. Through open communication, collaboration, and diverse perspectives, participants gain valuable insights, practical tools, and a shared vision. The benefits extend beyond the workshop itself as participants are better equipped to tackle challenges and drive meaningful progress.

To that end, Len thoughtfully designs workshops that embody the essence of a transformative experience, creating an inclusive and collaborative environment where participants can grow and learn.  Len understands the importance of engaging exercises, real-world case studies, and expert facilitation, and those are carefully crafted so as to meet the unique needs of clients, promoting open dialogue and fostering personal and professional growth.

For over two decades, Len has had the privilege of designing and running highly successful workshops for a diverse range of companies, from dynamic scale-ups to global multinationals, with each workshop tailored to align with the specific objectives and challenges faced by the organization. Those workshops have included:

  • Choosing the right tools for digital transformation in the business
  • Structuring a post-M&A transformation
  • Leveraging additive manufacturing in the supply chain
  • Mapping supply chain processes for robotic process automation
  • Designing the roadmap for spare parts data cleansing and inventory optimization
  • Designing the right governance processes for effective project portfolio management
Using AM in Supply Chains

Examples of Workshops

Introduction to Additive Manufacturing for Supply Chains

Introduction to Additive Manufacturing for Supply Chains

Aimed at supply chain and operations leaders and managers, this workshop provides an insight into how additive manufacturing can overcome supply chain issues
Attuned to your sector and organization, attendees gain insight into:

  • What is driving supply chains
  • What additive manufacture is
  • What additive manufacture can and can’t do
  • The benefits of additive manufacture to supply chains
  • The constraints and wider implications of additive manufacture to supply chains
  • How to take the first steps to use additive manufacture to overcome supply chain issues
Establishing Performance Management

Establishing Performance Management

Aimed at Transformation Leaders, this workshop takes attendees through designing and building transformation governance processes, KPIs and metrics.
Attuned to your sector and organization, attendees gain insight into:

  • What makes a world-class governance system
  • What the gap is between your current approach to governance and the desired state
  • What the key decisions points and cycles are needed in your organization
  • What the key KPIs and metrics are to support the governance cycles
  • The roadmap to implementing the governance cycles and performance indicators in the business
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