South Korea to invest $37 million into 3D printing this year

The growth of 3D printing’s prominence in manufacturing is changing the dynamics of manufacturing, of that there can be no doubt.  It therefore is becoming clearer that governments need to either get on board and incentivise this development in their own countries or risk being left behind, losing share in global manufacture.  South Korea is recognising this with a focused programme, and the UK is on the cusp of publishing its strategy for 3d printing technologies.  Any such strategy, though, needs to be backed up with fiscal assistence and the skillbase developed in schools, colleges and universities – two things that remain the gift of government.

South Korea $37m investment 3d printing“The 3D printing industry is the core technology that will bring about innovation in the manufacturing realm and create a new market by changing the paradigm of the industry.”

South Korea has revealed it will invest around $37 million in 2017 to accelerate the development of 3D printing across the country.

The nation’s Ministry of Science, ICT and Future Planning will spend much of the budget on various 3D printing businesses to strengthen South Korea’s competitiveness and ability to meet demand.

On the ministry’s agenda are sectors ranging from the military to medical industries. Aiming to assist the military and industries to produce components through 3D printing, the ministry will also encourage the production of artificial bones and rehabilitation devices using the technology.

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