The future of 3D Printing by Braydon Moreno, Co-Founder of Robo

As the co-founder of Robo, a desktop 3D printer company in San Diego, CA, I have been on a mission to bring 3D printing to the world since I fell in love with the technology back in 2012. Through this short amount of time, I have already witnessed a steady growth in the use of 3D printing in both professional and personal cases.

We are starting to see that 3D printing is becoming more accessible to everyday consumers and students, in addition to those using it in a professional capacity. Companies like Robo hope to make people’s lives easier — not only for entrepreneurs that already use 3D printing to accelerate their time-to-market, but also anyone with an entrepreneurial mindset who wishes to build something with their own hands that they never thought was possible.

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