Three ways to apply 3D printing to maintenance management

From less inventory to store to reducing downtime, the reasons to use 3D printers for maintenance are adding up.

At inception in the early 1980s, 3D printing appeared futuristic, but it has evolved since then. Today, it has gone mainstream and, gaining application in various industries.


According to this PWC survey, about 51% of industrial manufacturers in America are  already using 3D printing in various ways compared to 35% two years back.

Along with prototyping and even some end use parts, employing additive technology on the factory floor allows engineers and technicians to manifest tools, jigs, and replacement parts with drastically shorter lead time. So if something breaks, all you need to is send the digital file of what you need to the machine and get printing. Below is a look at how 3D printers can be applied in maintenance management.

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