UPS to expand 3D print services globally

Shipping giant UPS has been a strong proponent of 3D printing, establishing 3D print services at its UPS stores in the U.S. and at its Louisville, KY, hub. According to recent stories in Reuters and Fortune, the company’s planned expansion of print services into new global markets finds Big Brown in more of a defensive posture.

The company is doubling down on additive manufacturing, expanding its print services to Asia and Europe. With expanded service, the company will be able to print and deliver plastic parts around the world.

UPS and SAP are creating an integrated network to provide on-demand 3D printing services to manufacturers.According to Reuters, this expansion may be a way to help get in front of a potential decline in its parts storing and shipping operations – one caused by companies printing their own 3D parts. In 2015, the company reported $6 billion in forwarding and logistics revenue, roughly 10% of sales. It’s not clear how much its warehouse operations contribute to that total.

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