Video: The Future of Additive and Subtractive Manufacturing

We all know 3D printing is a powerful tool with great potential. However, the best use for 3D printing in manufacturing is still contested. Some herald it as a total replacement for mass production: you want something, you print it. Others see it as a useful prototyping tool with little viability on the production floor. But what is 3D printing’s place, really?

To answer that, we asked Rush LaSelle, director of digital manufacturing at JABIL inc. With 175,000 employees worldwide, JABIL is a massive multi-sector company that specializes in design engineering, supply chain management and logistics and manufacturing.

According to LaSelle, identifying the value in emerging technologies is essential to gaining an advantage in the marketplace. Correctly applying leading technology can make your products better and help them get to market faster.

So, where does additive manufacturing fit in?

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