Creating the Department of Defense’s largest 3D printing repository

In a unique initiative that marks a shift in the U.S. defense supply chain, the Defense Logistics Agency (DLA) partnered with BMNT, an innovation consultancy, to overcome the limitations of traditional acquisition systems. This collaboration has led to the creation of the Department of Defense’s (DoD) largest 3D printable part repository, demonstrating the transformative potential of additive manufacturing (AM) in defense and national security.

The DLA, responsible for the U.S. government’s most extensive logistics operation, faced a critical challenge: efficiently sourcing 86% of the repair parts required for military bases, vehicles, and weapons. This task was fraught with issues, including the presence of mislabeled, defective, or counterfeit parts. As relayed by Macro Analyst Matt Kremenetsky, counterfeit certification documents were recently discovered for aerospace spare parts distributed by AOG Technics Ltd., causing turmoil for major aerospace companies like Airbus, Boeing, and Safran.

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