Under Armour predict the future of sportswear in 3D printing and IoT

NOT 3D printed, but could be in the future: The UA ClutchFit 3.0 3D in the lab. Photo via: Under ArmourSports apparel and accessories company Under Armour (NYSE:UAA), headquartered in Maryland, are looking to use big data to create bespoke, and 3D printed, products on-demand for their customers.

Creating these bespoke products will incorporate the IoT (Internet of Things) vision of a world where devices talk to each other.

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How 3D printing technology can revolutionise sporting performance & equipment

After a record-breaking year for GB at Rio 2016, it was inspiring to see elite athletes achieve their dreams after years of intense training and pushing themselves beyond their limits. However, what really interests us at Cambridge Design Partnership, is how technology can help to squeeze out every last bit of performance.

With the developments in additive manufacturing (3D printing), it’s exciting to see new technology being implemented in the form of sports apparel that fit the athlete and meet their needs more precisely. Using the latest techniques to accurately scan an object and manipulate the data into a CAD system we are able to produce prototypes using 3D printing technology, which  has been particularly evident in the Paralympics. Prosthetics have been optimised and custom racing wheelchairs have been designed based on 3D scans of the athletes enabling enhanced usability that cater for an individual’s exact requirements.

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