What to expect from Additive Manufacturing in 2024

Another merger circus? Will someone finally perfect the technology for mass production?

The additive manufacturing world’s big news in 2023—the merger between Stratasys, the No.1 additive company (based on 2022 revenues) and Desktop Metal, the No. 4 company—turned into a nothingburger after 3D Systems, the second-largest producer in the industry, put in an offer to purchase Stratasys. Corporate machinations ensued, and Stratasys shareholders eventually voted to put the kibosh on the deal.

While the merger didn’t take place, conversations leading up to the fateful vote with Stratasys CEO Yoav Zeif and Desktop Metal founder and CEO Ric Fulop generated insights as to whether or not additive companies actually turn profits and what “at scale” means for the technology.

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