How can additive manufacturing and injection moulding be combined?

It is possible to master the whole life cycle of your parts by combining additive manufacturing and injection molding. Take a look at our 3-step-process and download the whitepaper for more details.

Additive Manufacturing (AM) and Injection Moulding (IM) are often portrayed as two competing plastic processing technologies. Sometimes, AM is positioned as a disruptive production technology which takes market share from conventional offerings. However, Injection Moulding is a mature established technology, developed over nearly a century, that offers high quality and repeatability in mass production for various applications – batches of up to 10 million parts with a wide range of materials are realistic expectations.

Conversely, Additive Manufacturing enables users today to manufacture mass-customised parts, complex geometries, and small batch sizes of up to 200,000 parts economically with a fully digital value chain.

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