Mattel is 3D printing the toys of tomorrow

When it comes to producing toys, additive manufacturing is a helpful tool that has been used across various industries. Companies such as LEGO have already used AM for applications such as the creation of new parts and the elimination of excess waste. Similarly, Mattel, one of the world’s largest producers of children’s toys, has also had its own success story with 3D printing. The company has stated that its mission is to create new and more advanced toys that can better aid the development of future generations by focusing on constant innovation. To reach that end, they used the Method line of 3D printers from MakerBot to create what they call the “toys of tomorrow”.

To better pursue its mission of innovative design, Mattel has a team dedicated to the research and development of new toys led by Jack Peach, chief innovation engineer and product design team leader. Peach and his team provide support to Mattel’s titanic portfolio of iconic brands including Barbie, Hot Wheels, Fisher-Price, Uno, Monster High and more. With these legendary childhood names, the team helps brands execute their vision based on consumer tastes by testing mechanical features, researching and prototyping certain toys. As a result, the company is taking the opportunity to enable further growth and production through the implementation of additive manufacturing.

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