NAMI AM facility to be qualified for oil & gas parts by DNV

The Saudi Arabian joint venture backed by 3D Systems and Dussur is targeting part production

NAMI (National Additive Manufacturing & Innovation Company) is a leading Saudi-based company in Riyadh that specializes in additive manufacturing. Backed by industry giant 3D Systems and Dussur, NAMI is dedicated to accelerating the adoption of 3D printed products, especially in the oil & gas sector, and maximizing their local impact.

On September 11, 2023, DNV and Aramco’s CSD (Consultant Services Department) visited the company to start the certification process for oil & gas parts.  Additive Manufacturing (AM) is rapidly gaining prominence across various industries as a viable method for regular production. The advantages of AM, including design flexibility, reduced lead times, and supply chain efficiency, are clear. However, the lack of relevant standards has been a limiting factor in its widespread adoption. Recognizing this challenge, DNV has taken a significant step by creating Additive Manufacturing standards, specifically DNV-ST-B203 for the Energy and Maritime sectors.

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