3D Printing vastly lowers auto repair costs, so why can’t you use it?

Collision repair shops have the potential to 3D print any part for virtually any car, but a lack of industry certifications stand in the way for now.

Waiting weeks and paying hundreds of dollars for what appears to be a simple yet essential tab or gasket for your car is a frustrating experience. Today, those parts can be 3D printed quickly and cheaply leading to a revolution in auto repair. However, quality certification hasn’t kept up with manufacturing reality leading to potentially dangerous 3D printed auto replacement parts on the market, a new study found.

This investigative report called “3D Printing In Collision Repair Task Force Report” from an association of automotive collision repair professionals, both praises 3D printing technology and warns of its misuse. Its investigation found unscrupulous part retailers are already turning to fast and cheap 3D printing to fabricate replacement auto parts, but not labeling them as such. These parts often look like certified aftermarket parts, but fail in quality.

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