Deutsche Bahn reaches 3D printing milestone with 100,000 parts

Deutsche Bahn (DB) has achieved a milestone in its adoption of 3D printing technology, reaching the production mark of 100,000 spare parts. According to the German railway company, it demonstrates that 3D printing is “transforming train maintenance”.

Deutsche Bahn started with 3D printing in 2015 with simple spare parts like a plastic coat hook. Now, the 100,000th part has been produced, which happens to be a gear housing for shunting locomotives, cast in a 3D-printed mold. With its substantial volume of nearly one cubic meter and weight of 570 kilograms, the gear housing stands as the largest and heaviest part produced using 3D printing so far by the German railway company, which calls itself the world leader in 3D printing for the railway industry. The 100,000 parts have been used for over 500 different applications.

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