Do consumers care about 3D-printed products?

Markforged survey looks at the average American’s attitude toward additive manufacturing.

“Cool cellphone case!”

“Thanks! It was injection molded!” said no one ever.

Of course, if it was a 3D-printed cellphone case, that might be worth noting. Despite being around for decades, 3D printing is still a novelty for many consumers. Whether or not they also see it as practical—or even appealing—is another question, one that a recent survey from Markforged could answer.

Collaborating with Dynata, a provider of market research and related services, the company surveyed 1,000 U.S. adults to gain a better understanding of how consumers perceive 3D printing in manufacturing and whether they recognize its potential benefits. More specifically, the survey participants were asked about their views on using 3D printing for reshoring and improving supply chain resilience.

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