How 3D Printing is used in the supply chain: Insights from Siemens Mobility, SNCF and CTC Airbus

Reporting from AM Forum Berlin 2023, we saw how 3D printing is used in the supply chain in the automotive, mobility, and defense sectors. 

This article provides insights into the railway industry supply chain from Siemens Mobility and SNCF. Plus, the question of the effectiveness of using 3D printing to solve supply chain challenges is addressed by Stratasys and CTC, an Airbus company.

How the railway industry is using 3D printing in the supply chain

Christian Ochs, the Head of Additive Manufacturing at Siemens Mobility GmbH, describes the elements that make the railway industry an interesting case study for 3D printing, “You also have very sophisticated standards and norms. And you have a lot of regional differences between countries.”

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