How has 3D printing revolutionized the music industry?

It is becoming clear that additive manufacturing has the potential to completely revolutionize the music industry. Though it is hardly the first time that we have seen a significant impact being made by 3D printing on a sector, in this particular one, the technology has not only transformed and optimized the manufacturing processes of instruments or pieces of art, but it has also managed to add value to them, above all when it comes to improving accessibility to music. Moreover, it has helped with other applications like reviving instruments from the past, helping those in need and made the industry more sustainable.

But are 3D printed instruments more accessible? Is it true that there is an improvement in the design and customization of musical products? Do musicians have a new and valuable tool to project their future? To understand the true impact of AM technology in music and answer these questions, we took a closer look at how exactly 3D printing has influenced different aspects of the sector.

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