These are 5 industries being propelled by 3D printing

When 3D printing first took off, it was difficult to imagine how diverse the field would grow. Nowadays, the realm of additive manufacturing is growing daily. In particular, five sectors are advancing rapidly as a result of developments in additive manufacturing. These are healthcare, food, fashion, motorsports and aerospace. Based on estimates, it is believed that soon these industries will incorporate 3D printing as a key component of their operations.

How rapidly is 3D printing growing?

Typically, we think of 3D printing as a very recent advancement in manufacturing. However, it actually has its roots in the 1970s. In the early 1970s, a man named Johannes F. Gottwald filed the first patent for the liquid metal recorder. This process involved producing objects from liquified metal, which solidified layer by layer, just like modern 3D printers.

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