Casca aims to revamp shoe retail, manufacturing with 3D printers

By 2029, Casca’s plan is to make your custom shoes in front of you via additive manufacturing.

Casca, a startup out of Vancouver, is looking to meld 3D printing and additive manufacturing, retail and footwear that will bring mass personalization to insoles and shoes.

The company, which recently raised $3.5 million from Khosla Ventures, has launched its first store in Vancouver. Casca’s system uses custom 3D printed insoles made from 100% recyclable materials, a digital app that scans your foot with a smartphone and shoes that are designed for better support.


Ultimately, Casca wants to fully scale its retail outlets by 2029 with 3D printers that will create your insoles and shoes on the spot. If successful, Casca will decentralize its supply chain.

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Can technology help manufacture sports shoes locally?

3D printing and other technologies can radically transform the sportswear manufacturer’s supply chain.

Should Adidas 3D print its shoes?

The sports shoe market is quite exciting, with companies such as Adidas, Nike, Reebok and others trying to come up with innovative products while also reimagining the way they run their companies.

Given the strong, sustained, global demand for sneakers and all other kinds of sports shoes, it’s important for manufacturers to think about their supply chains.

Traditionally, they’ve conceptualized their shoes in advanced countries and manufactured in developing countries where labor is cheap and easy to source.

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3D Printing Case Example: On the highway to the comfort zone

Case Study: 3D Printing is on the Highway to the Comfort Zone-1The history of the Oberle shoe company began more than 150 years ago. In 1859, the great-great grandfather of Oberle’s current General Manager, Achim Oberle, opened a cobbler’s shop in Ettenheim that made shoes for customers in town and the surrounding areas. In 2006, the company began specializing in “Healthy Shoes.” And today, it’s recognized as a leader in the orthopedic footwear technology space. The company saves a lot of time and money by using the German RepRap X350pro 3D printer.

Oberle – Gesunde Schuhe is a specialty manufacturer that develops products for everything associated with legs, feet, and/or extremities. Behind its products is a highly technical process. The so-called 3D posture analysis (which involves 3D measurements of whole body posture), as well as the 3D walking analysis (which measures gait, body angles, and forces), have long been standard procedures for this company. To stay on the cutting edge of the industry, Oberle – Gesunde Schuhe must continuously employ state-of-the-art technologies as they become available.

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