Why HILOS’ Studio platform is 3D printing the footwear of the future

The company’s approach to disrupting the multi-hundred billion dollar industry, according to Founder and CEO Elias Stahl

At this year’s Art Basel Miami Beach, Portland-based HILOS unveiled its new ‘Studio’ platform to enable brands and independent designers to launch their own line of on-demand footwear – from technical outdoor to luxury – heavily leveraging 3D printing technology. HILOS now offers the first high-mix, low-volume supply chain for on-demand footwear that allows for a wide selection of low-volume runs to change and iterate according to the demands of the market.

Prior to Art Basel Miami Beach, we caught up with Elias Stahl, Founder and CEO of HILOS, to find out more about why HILOS exists in the first place, and how he and his team are disrupting the multi-hundred billion dollar industry.

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