Understanding the real value additive manufacturing can have on your business

Jeremy Pullin, TCT Advisor and Head of Additive Manufacturing at Sartorius, gets real about considerations for building an additive manufacturing (AM) business case.

When putting together a business case, the easiest (and therefore, unsurprisingly, the most common) thing to do is to focus straight on the second word: the case. Too many are tempted to chuck in just about every word you’ve ever heard on The Apprentice or Dragons Den and fill the pages with terms like ‘Market positioning’, ‘Key verticals’ and ‘Holistic synergy’. Overcook it and you’ll have blown the opportunity to put across what you actually intended.

The correct place to start is by focusing on the first word: the business. What I mean by that is that you have to understand the impact that AM will have on your business. Not the impact that you would like it to have, or the impact that some so-called futurist has told you it will have but rather the difference that it will make to your business.

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