Making the Future: How Merit3D is delivering an order for 1 million 3D printed parts

“You should always have that continuous improvement mindset.”

Taking the reins of an industrial vacuum manufacturing business established in the late 1980s, Spencer Loveless was at a crossroads.

Father Mike, who founded Dustless Technologies, had passed away. Mum Colleen, who helped to run the company, was stepping back into retirement. And Spencer had the responsibility of moving the business forward. His father had engineered a vacuum initially to address the nuisance that was cleaning out a coal- and wood-burning fireplace, but soon expanded into industry. As Spencer took over, he was never perturbed by the ash, dust and slurry that needed hoovering up from a myriad of industrial settings, but instead with how the equipment was manufactured.

“I don’t like, almost hate, injection moulding,” Spencer tells TCT, “because every time a customer says, ‘Can you change this vacuum? Can you add a handle on top? Can you make this part bigger?’ The answer is always no even if their idea was great and made sense.”

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