Why additive 3D manufacturing offers Fashion a new future for printed apparel

Direct -to-Textile 3D empowers the creator economy and unleashes new commercial opportunities for customization and personalization, according to textiles expert and WhatTheyThink contributor Debbie McKeegan, as she explains in this article, first published on Pixel to Parcel and featuring fashion designer Yanky & Nataf.

Fashion by definition mirrors time. It captures and locks our vision of society and culture at a finite point. Each and every year, the fashion industry focuses the world’s attention using the global catwalk to make a statement. At each event the talents of the designer and their latest collections form a prism of creativity, capturing time and the latest advancements in technology.

One such moment in Milan showcased the second collection by Yanky & Nataf, a dynamic duo setting the fashion scene on fire with their creativity. Yanky Golian and Nataf Hirshberg are the young creative minds behind the brand which was launched in 2018.

The creators graduated from Israel’s elite design institute Shenkar College and have since masterminded iconic apparel garments for a number of high-profile entertainers, musicians, films, and performances. Their work is vibrant, immersive, and playful, and harnesses the materials and technology of the moment to create stunning garments that emit energy and a powerful aesthetic.

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