2023’s Supply Chain Storm: Why Agility is No Longer Optional

Remember 2023? A year when global conflicts sent shockwaves through markets, climate events rerouted shipping arteries, and policy shifts reshuffled the trade landscape. Supply chains, once steady streams, became rapids of uncertainty. To survive, companies had to learn to dance on their toes, embracing agility as their new lifeline. Looking forward, there is no evidence that that need will go away; indeed, it is now more vital that ever.

Agility is about anticipating disruption and reacting to it, and this is where innovation plays a part. Over the last few years, companies have spent fortunes implementing advanced analytics and AI to improve forecasts, and introduce visibility solutions to track every consignment. There’s another approach that – done correctly – can be quickly and low cost to implement, increasing agility: additive management (AM), aka 3D printing.

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