How industrial 3D printing can benefit your supply chain

By avoiding the unnecessary creation of excess spare parts, industrial polymer 3D printing also helps streamline the supply chain, cutting down on production expenses and accelerating time to market.

Recent years have brought the importance of effective supply chain management into stark clarity. The COVID-19 pandemic was perhaps the biggest single creator of supply chain problems seen in many years. But even as the health crisis slowed down, global inflation, interest rate hikes, geopolitical conflict, cybersecurity risks, material shortages and other major issues continued to cause bottlenecks into 2023.

At times, supply chain difficulties feel like a constant rather than a variable due to their pervasiveness, and the factors driving them are unlikely to slow down soon. But manufacturers are in a unique position to bring notable improvements to their supply chains. This stems from the ongoing advancements in additive manufacturing (AM) technologies.

AM can be a positive influence on manufacturing supply chains if implemented strategically — with leading-edge 3D printing systems and expert support. In this blog, we’ll explore the supply chain pain points that AM addresses and the benefits it can help facilitate.

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